6) James and the Giant Peach

Book Review
Congratulations Year 3 on finishing the wonderful story of ‘James and the Giant Peach’ by Roald Dahl. We are pleased to hear that so many of you loved reading the book. Your final activity is to write a recommendation for other children. Your recommendation will need to suggest whether you think that other children should or should not read the story ‘James and the Giant Peach.’ Your response will also highlight parts of the story that you either liked a lot or didn’t enjoy very much. Remember to give reasons for whatever you suggest.

5) James and the Giant Peach

Year 3, we hope that you have been enjoying the story of James and the Giant Peach. We think that you’ll agree that this book is about more than James and the peach. If you could change the title of this book, what would you call this story?

* If you were to rewrite a part of the story, which part would it be? What would you change? How would you make it different?

4) James and the Giant Peach

The Yr 3 teachers value books and reading

As we get to know some the characters more, we learn about the things that they value. For example, the centipede’s boots are important to him and grasshopper can play music which is a skill he values. Name something that is very valuable to you and explain why?

* Roald Dahl has included lots of rhyme in the story James and the Giant Peach. It is humourous rhyme and it describes the characters. Write a short verse that describes what it is that makes you prescious. Try to make it rhyme.

3) James and the Giant Peach

The Characters
We have been introduced to a lot of unusual and interesting characters in the story so far. Which character do you like the most? Tell me why.

The Peach
* In Chapter 16, the peach rolls over a cliff and lands in the sea. Predict what will happen next. Some ideas to think about could be:
– Will the peach stay floating across the sea?
– Will James and the insects get along?
– Do they have a plan?
You need to use your imagination to write about what could occur.

2) James and the Giant Peach

The Giant Peach
In Chapter 9, James sneaks up to the giant peach. He discovers a hole. Do you think that he should crawl into the hole or not. Give a reason for your answer.
(Don’t forget to check your spelling after writing your response!)

* In Chapter 10, James is greeted by two unknown characters when he reaches the centre of the peach. Predict what might have happened if one of the aunts had crawled into the peach instead.

1) James and the Giant Peach

Welcome back to Term 4. This term we will be reading another popular children’s novel called ‘James and the Giant Peach’ by Roald Dahl.

As we read the first couple of chapters you may begin to notice how the characters and events are similar or can be connected to other stories that you are familiar with. There could be a connection with characters and events in stories that you have read before or in movies that you have seen. For example, the two aunties can be compared to the two ugly step-sisters in ‘Cinderella’ because they think that they are beautiful. Another reason is because both Cinderella and James are made to do lots of work around the house. Think of a connection to another story that you can make. Share your thoughts and explain how the stories are similar.

8. Charlotte’s Web

In the story, Charlotte describes Wilbur with different words in her web. She writes ‘some pig’ and ‘brilliant.’ She also writes ‘radiant.’ Think about what it could mean to be radiant. What other things can you describe as being radiant? Give a reason to support your idea.

7. Charlotte’s Web

Uncle (Chapter 17)
In this chapter we read about Fern and Avery at the fair. They were given some money to explore the fair “. . .where they could be happy and free to do as they pleased.” (p.121). Mr Arable says that, “. . . they’ve got to grow up some time.” (p.121). Share a time when you felt grown up and got to choose what you wanted to do. How did you feel at the time?

We also meet the large pig called Uncle. Wilbur is upset when he hears that Uncle is a larger pig than he is.
* Does size matter? Is big always better? Give examples.

6. Charlotte’s Web

Fern’s Imagination
Mrs Arable is increasingly concerned about Fern’s time spent in the barn cellar. Do you agree that it is a problem, or not? Explain why.
Dr Dorian advises that Fern will always love animals and that Fern would become better friends with Henry Fussy. Do you have any suggestions that may lead to Fern spending less time in the barn?

In Chapter 13, ‘Good Progress,’ Fern tells her mother all about the events that have happened in the Zuckerman’s barn. Mrs Arable thinks that these are part of Fern’s imagination.
* Can things that come from the imagination be real or true or are they always fictional?

5. Charlotte’s Web

Growth and Change
As we have continued reading Charlotte’s Web, we have noticed some changes that are happening to the characters. Discuss some of the changes that you have noticed.

* In the chapter ‘Miracles’ (Chapter 11), the minister states,
“. . . human beings must always be on the watch for the coming of wonders.” (p.112).
Do you believe this statement to be true? Should people always be expecting miracles or unexpected things to happen? Why or why not?